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Pregnant with Other Kids

Congratulations! You're having a baby!!! Now what???

This is the exact question that came to mind when I heard those petrifying words as an 18 year old. Having a second child was a joint decision between my husband and I, but we did not think we'd get pregnant so quickly. I can't say that I felt any less afraid when I heard the "good news" as a 26 year old married woman. I could go on and on about the should haves, could haves, and would haves, but more than likely you don't want to hear that. I know I didn't.... I'll just save that advice for another article.

Let's face it, being pregnant is a beautiful and miraculous thing; but it is no walk in the park. It's even more difficult when the baby you have inside of you isn't the only child that you have to look out for. The stress in our daily lives now is enough, not only do you have to worry about what's going on outside in the world, you also have to worry about what's going on inside of you. Having so much on your shoulders and not enough support is stressful, especially when your family is limited on resources and the time it takes to live life. Countless times in life we hear the phrase "You are never alone" be it from family, friends, or even movies. However just because you hear it, doesn't make you feel any less lonely. At The Teach Not Punish Family Resource Center we are able to actually back that phrase up!

The moral of this story is that Teach Not Punish has the support and resources that pregnant mothers with other kids need! Our partnerships play a vital role when you need resources and support accessing those resources. We currently work with other organizations in the Tulsa community that want to support you and your family. For example, something as simple as a ride to the grocery store, or maybe you need assistance with food to feed the family. Those are two small examples of the countless ways we can help!

Pregnant women should not have to run back and forth, and to and from their children's schools. Yes, maybe for a conference or two, but not continuously. Even going to the occasional teacher conference can be dreadful. However, that doesn't mean that teacher conferences and follow ups should be ignored - life doesn't stop. It actually needs more attention when we're with child because our time will be limited once the bun comes out of the oven. In saying that, we also offer programs that support school aged children and their teachers to support the your family's overall function.

Last but certainly not least, we just established a partnership with OSU-Tulsa offering a parent support group to families. Although we are in the beginning stages of planning, this the perfect time for you to get a support system in place. A village, town, or city isn't successful without having people to support it - we want to be that support system for you and relieve the weight of the world from your shoulders.

"7 Tips for Stressed Moms on Handling Kids When Pregnant" by Millie Rainer, is an excellent resource article that offers advice and strategies for pregnant mothers with other children. Since we get stressed trying to manage life and our kids, we want to provide you with supportive information that can really make a difference.

Now, what should you do? Contact us of course! It's time to improve your family's life and we make it super easy to do. You may book an online appointment with one of our educators at no cost to you. Or you may send us a message on Facebook; we're definitely up on technology; or you prefer a phone call, our dedicated team will be ready to speak with you at 323-487-9867. One phone call can change your family's lives forever.

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