Teach Not Punish (TNP) Family Resource Center is an information center that offers academic and behavioral interventions to individuals and in small group workshops and has access to community resources through case management and counseling services. We also support teachers of our children clients by providing professional development to sharpen classroom management skills.


We are an online collective resource where parents, teachers and other educators can access the tips and strategies they need to adequately address the unique emotional and structural education needs of the children and students they love.



Counseling, Academic Intervention, 

Professional Development and more...

Utilities assistance, food programs, legal assistance, job placement and more...

Community events on topics such as health,  community policing, civic engagement and more...



We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

TNP relies on the contributions from supporters like you!

We appreciate your donation. 




Why does the community need Teach Not Punish?

Click Here to learn about what we believe and why the community  needs our family resource center.

What services do Teach Not Punish provide?

Through our partnership with behavioral health agencies we  are able to provide case management and counseling  services. We also provide professional development services to  teachers and behavioral health professionals that work with  our families. Click Here for more information about our services.

How do I qualify for services?

Please complete a referral form by Clicking Here. You may  also send us a message at our Facebook page or call us at 323-4TryTNP (323-487-9867).

Do the services Teach Not Punish provide cost?

Teach Not Punish partners with behavioral health agencies 

provide case management and counseling services.  We are also a non-profit organization. Therefore, our  services come at no cost to the families and we  accept donations to provide our programs to families.

How may I support your organization?

Click Here to make a contribution to support our families.  


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Tel: 323-4TryTNP 





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