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At Teach Not Punish (TNP) we believe that behavior is learned. Therefore, behavior can be taught. Harry Wong once quoted "For a child to learn something new, it needs to be repeated an average of 8 times. For a child to unlearn an old behavior and replace with a new behavior, the new behavior must be repeated an average of 28 times". This principle applies to adults as well. Let's think about times when we want to have a healthier lifestyle. We change our diet, we exercise, we read books, we attend church more and etc. If we maintain that lifestyle for 3 to 4 weeks, we will more than likely have a healthier lifestyle than we did before. 

We believe that healthy relationships are based on a positive integrated experience. Therefore, TNP is a place where we ENGAGE with families and educators to be familiar with short and long term goals. We also want to know what goals the family and organization has as a whole. We do this by building rapport with individuals to establish trust. We believe that knowledge authorizes us to take action. Therefore, we will EDUCATE members of the family and organization so that the goals can be met in a timely manner.

We believe that it's important to have a plan in place to accomplish specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely (SMART) goals. In special education there is a curriculum called an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). The IEP is designed by a student's teacher based on student's strengths and weaknesses that are identified by the student, from an assessment that was administered, collected data, and observations from the student's parents and teachers. This IEP is designed to enable the student so that he/she can be successful academically or behaviorally. Similar to the purpose of an IEP used in schools, our strength based IEP, Organization Educational Plan (OEP), and  Family Educational Plan (FEP) is developed by individuals, the educators and administration driven by goals and objectives.

We believe that it takes a team approach to reach goals as well as individual effort. At TNP we want to be a part of the family and organization to support each member as they're working towards meeting the goals. We want to improve access to resources so that families and organizations can accomplish the goals. We will EQUIP families and organizations by providing support such as teaching skills, modeling behavior, practicing healthy behaviors and keeping the goals in sight by implementing a plan. Finally, we assess the plan to review what has worked and what needs to be modified to accomplish the goals.

We will EDUCATE, EQUIP and ENGAGE with families and organizations in the community. We want to Teach Not Punish community members for the unknown and adapt to a positive integrated experience lifestyle to maintain healthy relationships.

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