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A well-known family advocate and educator, T'erra Estes is passionate about equipping families, children, and professionals experiencing adversity, crisis, or trauma. As the Teach Not Punish (TNP) Family Resource Center founder, T'erra motivates and inspires families by showing empathy, compassion, optimism, and instilling hope to influence positive behavior change.


T'erra's passion for motivating families stems from personal experiences of adversity and the belief that behavior is learned; therefore, behavior can be taught.

Similar to the families that she serves, T'erra overcame adversity by having access to quality training, education, community support, and positive reinforcement from others. However, the first pivotal decision in her life that ultimately positioned her to influence families alike was that she asked for help when needed and committed to doing her part to reach goals.

Since that point, T'erra mostly worked as an educator in public schools as a certified Kindergarten (K) - 6th-grade Teacher and a certified K-12th grade Special Education Teacher focusing on inclusion services, specialized support, and behavior interventions. As an educator, T'erra gained additional experience as a Dyslexic Facilitator, Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Trainer, administered Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to develop behavior interventions for students on the autism spectrum and participated numerous special education professional development courses.


The vision to understand people and their rational for behaviors manifested into a movement to motivate parents, teachers and children by focusing on strengths and goal driven actions. T'erra's leadership skills are related to maintaining positive relationships with others and being a life-long learner. The impact that TNP has with T’erra’s leadership  stimulates growth in individuals, families, communities  and has the power of state and global influence.


As a positive reinforcer, T'erra challenges community leaders, authority figures, educators, parents, and children to develop a plan that identifies goals, implements goal-driven objectives, and encourages intentional behaviors to achieve desirable outcomes. T'erra believes that making connections and maintaining positive relationships are imperative in healthy integrated experiences. Therefore, she humbly accepts the responsibility to lead.

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