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Teach Not Punish's first FB post

Walk down memory lane with us! The image to the left of t his text was posted February 24, 2014 on our Facebook page. It was our first post!! This image is very powerful to us. Who knows where this image was cropped from. I actually photoshopped the text onto the sign. However, it was the start of something great and we knew it. As you think about starting a new year, take a moment to think about your greatness. Now, what's holding you back from reaching your goals? Here comes the hard part.... Whatever it is, stop right now and take a moment to own it!!! Good thing that we have that out of the way. Now, we've got something to look forward to!


We can look forward to our greatest accomplishments!


No, our greatest accomplishments do not have to be about being good mothers or fathers. No, it's not about working a job for 30 plus years and reaping

a hefty retirement. Our greatest accomplishments are about being exactly what you envisioned yourself to be personally and professionally. We can certainly obtain the great accomplishment of becoming the best parent and/or professional that we can be. We actually recommend that striving for the best outcomes in these areas are healthy ways of thinking.


We want you to think about How you will reach greatness! Vision boards are a great way to constantly think about how you will reach greatness. In the Holy Bible, the profit Habbakah wrote, "Write the vision, and make it plain." (Habbakah, 2:2-4).


Vision boards are pictures of our goals. Creating a vision board helps us take control of how we will be great. There are a variety of ways to create a vision board. Click here for examples of electronic and handmade vision boards. Teach Not Punish was not on my vision board in 2014. My board was full of ideas to support others. Supporting other people is essentially why Teach Not Punish was created on Facebook in 2014. We did not know that we'd have a family resource center in 2017, but we started with a vision.

Comment below if you are interested in creating a vision board for 2019!

Click here to schedule a no cost consultation if you want to start your year off right by turning your vision into a plan, driven by goals and objectives. Join us in our online vision board party by clicking here! We'd love to support you in 2019!


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